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Online Monitoring


Consistent Information

Wherever your customers are you want them to see consistent information about your business.

MOT can publish to more than 70 online directory listing with a click of a button with MOT is a breeze.


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Businesses live and die by reviews. Gathering and responding to reviews is a breeze with MOT.

View an aggregate of all of your reviews across many platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp, in just onw window is power.


Globalization concept

Social Media


Managing all of your social media and posting from one location is a huge time saver and is made easier with MOT.

Viewing and managing all social media platforms in one location saves businesses hours of time and is seemly with MOT.


Demo Request

Request a demo of the tool and ask questions.

Free Consultation


Speak with a sales rep and schedule a set-up meeting.


$199 fee

Set-up Meeting

A 30 to 45 minute meeting with a Merchant Salt account rep, sign a 12-mo agreement.



Login and start leveraging the tool to manage your online presence.

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